Try the world’s first natural organic perfume handcrafted specifically for new and expecting mothers


This one of a kind, 100% botanical perfume was conceived and crafted by Rebecca as a way to say thank you to all of the amazing mothers out there.

Our Maternity Perfume is safe for babies and breastfeeding and is made from a vegan formula that includes absolutely no synthetic chemicals or cheap fillers.

Whether you are celebrating the birth of your child or looking for the perfect gift to give a new mother, this Maternity Perfume is perfect.

scent ties us together, in a memory that we are instantly taken back to when we encounter the scent once again, it forges a bond, a bond between mothers and children, lovers and friends. Perfume speaks a million words in an instance and nothing can stop it's loving power.


Your Baby is Precious

You’ve probably never heard of propylene glycol, synthetic musk, muck ketone, or musk xylene but these are all common ingredients in mass-produced fragrances.

These synthetic chemicals should be kept far away from your skin…and from your newborn baby. In fact, these chemicals are particularly harmful to youngsters, as they can impact your breastmilk. That’s why we only use natural ingredients in our perfumes.

Please note: although natural perfumes are significantly better than synthetic, they can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Remember to always skin test prior to using your product.