The Amanyara Story was born out of deep respect for nature, a lifelong passion for perfume, and a growing dislike for the chemical-based options available on the market. The company was launched in 2016, but our story began much earlier...

In the early 1990s, I started noticing that I was increasingly allergic to chemical-based perfumes and began conducting some research into the matter. I’m glad I did, because the truths I found lurking behind the glamorous facade of the mainstream beauty industry was truly shocking, and in some cases, potentially deadly.

My obsession with captivating, luxurious scents began in childhood when I received my first bottles of perfume as a gift from my grandmother. Right away, I started a collection and even began crafting my own perfumes by crushing flowers from the garden and blending them together.

During this time, I also developed a love for flowers, nature and the great outdoors. Our garden was beautiful, with ​jasmine, roses, geranium, violets, and irises. Elsewhere in the yard there was fruit trees with blossoms that smelt like heaven. Venturing further afield, our house was surrounded by protected wetlands, where we would spend hours playing in the forest, swimming in the river, and climbing the cliffs and trees. I remember the scent of the pine forest where I grew up. It was especially intense right after the rain and the sun warmed the soil beneath the fallen leaves. This intense scent instantly takes me back to my childhood.

Here in my childhood paradise I built an intimate connection to nature and it's inhabitants. I learned to respect it's forces and seek it's profound wisdom. Mother nature became my first and most important teacher of natural perfumery, and remains my guiding star in my pursuit of beautiful scents. Driving me to pursue the most natural,safe and authentic perfumes possible. Today I craft the line of artisan AMANYARA fragrances elusively by hand in small batches. That way I can personally ensure the purity and unaltered state of the raw botanical we use in our formulas.

Naturally, this is reflected in all my perfume making endeavors.

Over the years, I have attended perfume schools, but I do not believe natural perfumery is something that can really be taught in a classroom. Perfumery is a creative pursuit that originates in the artisan’s soul.

Natural perfumery, extends beyond the scent and holds great powers to heighten our emotions. As such, I concoct natural organic perfumes that have been formulated to bring forth heightened senses of love, freedom, confidence, sensuousness, and happiness, a special power to transform our experiences.

In 2016, I made the decision to focus on natural perfumery as a business, and from that, Amanyara was born.

Through my company, I create natural, organic perfumes that combine captivating, luxurious scents with environmental and ethical responsibility.

Thank you for stopping by and being part of the Amanyara journey. 


Rebecca Hatton
Amanyara Founder and Lifelong Perfume Maker